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The vision of Generosity Feeds is to stamp out child hunger in America by packaging meals and feeding hungry children in every county across the country.

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By partnering with Generosity Feeds, you become a catalyst for mobilizing hundreds of people in your community to create 10,000 or more meals, in less than 2 hours, for children in your area who struggle with hunger.

This gives you the opportunity to build new discipling relationships and inspire long-term generosity in your community while working to decrease the debilitating effects of food insecurity on children in your area.

  1. On a Public Level, we work with you to address child hunger needs in your community through a meal packaging event.
  2. On a Spiritual Level, we work with you to ignite dozens of new discipling relationships.
  3. On a Financial Level, we work with you to access city-wide resources to fund Jesus' mission.

This initiative will expand your church's relationships, credibility, and impact while feeding hungry children in your local community.

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We had more pre-Christians come to church following our community event with Generosity Feeds than any of our previous events that had more than triple the attendance." - Josh Burnett :: Pastor, Revolution :: Annapolis, MD
I wanted to keep Generosity Feeds a church event only to bring us together, but when the community found out about it... it was no longer ours to hold on to!" - Crockett Davidson :: Pastor, Vintage City Church :: Hickory, NC - Read more

When Crockett moved to Hickory his coach and good friend Ron challenged him to get involved with what God was already doing in the city and to pay attention to where the church needed to be. Crockett knew God was calling Vintage City to love families, so naturally he started to meet with principals all across the city to ask them, "How can Vintage City serve you?" He quickly learned that there was so much going on that was unseen. He spoke to one principal who shared that over 5 elementary schools had over 50% of kids on free or reduced lunches. One school had 92% of it's children on free or reduced lunches. The principal told him, "Crockett, if you want to help the schools, then help the children outside of school!" He said the teachers knew that the children were safe, fed, and loved for the hours they were at school, but they worried about what their home life was like. Upon learning about this, we (Vintage City staff) knew then we had to partner with an amazing non-profit called Generosity::Feeds. Generosity::Feeds comes into a community and gets businesses, churches, and schools to work closely to feed those kids who go without meals during out-of-school seasons in their own community. So in partnership with Longview Elementary, Vintage City is partnering with Generosity::Feeds to feed over 8,000 kids in Hickory. These meals will not leave the city of Hickory and they will get to the homes of kids through the backpack program. We want nothing more than to hear from the very mouth of God, "Well done good and faithful servant!" We believe this is just a piece of fulfilling God's mission here in Hickory.

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