1 in 5

Children in Burlington
struggle with hunger

Here's How it Works...

  1. You made & packaged 10,000 meals in 2 hours.
  2. All meals are being given to children in Burlington who struggle with hunger.
  3. Make a donation.
  4. Enjoy the satisfaction of helping end child hunger!

Live Generously • Love Generously • Give Generously

Generosity Works!

Saturday, April 27, 2013 • 9:00 am

There are two packing events, one at 9:00am, and the other at 1:30pm. 10,000 meals will be packaged at each 2 hour event. That's 20,000 meals in 4 hours!

The Registration form below is for the 9:00 event. Prefer to sign up for the 1:30 event?

Thank You! to all the businesses and individuals who have donated to this event.

Matt McIntire
Michael Walls
Carolyn Dickerson
Laura Plummer
Kim Day
Dianna Caldwell
Jennifer Jones
Karen Veneris
Pam Armstrong
Rhonda Hancock
Michelle Davies Blanton
Amberly Jackson
Tina Osborne
Joanne Rigsbee
Julie Penix
Tammy Roley
Walter Ashley
Velma DeBruler
Barbara Keeling
LAUNCH organization
Children's Ministry of First Church
Rob's Kids
DJN Designs
Shelton Johnson
Jeff Nantz
C.K. Insurance
Chris & Eleni Caddell (Lifeline Ministry)
Stephen and Jane Templeton
Kid's Academy
Heritage Bank

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